Tennis Courts Near Santa Monica

Santa Monica and its surrounding areas offer a variety of tennis centers, each providing unique experiences for enthusiasts to enjoy the sport amidst stunning coastal scenery.
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Tennis nearby Santa Monica, LA

One notable destination is the Cheviot Hills Tennis Center, conveniently located just a 13-minute drive from downtown Santa Monica. With its well-maintained courts and scenic surroundings, players can immerse themselves in the game while enjoying the refreshing ambiance of this nearby facility.

Another excellent option is the Westwood Tennis Center, located conveniently 10 minutes away for Santa Monica residents. This center provides a serene environment for tennis enthusiasts, offering courts amidst lush greenery and a peaceful atmosphere conducive to focused play and relaxation.

And finally, for those seeking a more coastal backdrop, the Palisades Tennis Center offers an unparalleled setting with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean just 9 minutes drive from the heart of Santa Monica.


Los Angeles Tennis Centers


Los Angeles Tennis Centers

Cheviot Hills

Los Angeles Tennis Centers

Santa Monica

Whether you prefer the tranquil ambiance of Cheviot Hills, the verdant surroundings of Westwood, or the coastal allure of Palisades, Santa Monica's vibrant tennis community has options to cater to all skill levels and preferences all within a short drive from each other.

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Live Ball tennis Santa Monica

LA Tennis Centers is the birthplace of Live Ball - a doubles-style game where pairs compete to gain and maintain control of a "champion" side.

Experience Live Ball tennis at our convenient locations, just a 10-minute drive from Santa Monica: Westwood, Cheviot Hills, and Palisades.

Pickleball near Santa Monica

Pickleball Near Santa Monica

Everyone has heard of tennis but have you heard about Pickleball?

Pickleball, a lively fusion of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, offers an engaging experience suitable for all ages.

With its unique blend of elements from these sports, Pickleball provides a fun and dynamic activity that caters to a wide range of players.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you can enjoy the low-impact, high-fun nature of Pickleball, making it an excellent choice for recreational play or competitive matches.

Join in on the excitement and discover the joy of this rapidly growing sport today near Santa Monica at Palisades Tennis Centre and soon at Westwood and Cheviot Hills.

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Three great tennis locations near Santa Monica in LA

Perhaps it's time to venture beyond Santa Monica and explore the surrounding areas.

Just a short drive away, you'll stumble upon three fantastic tennis centers that cater to both adults and juniors alike.

Cheviot Hills Tennis Center - a few mins drive from near Santa Monica airport

traveling by car from near Santa Monica airport to Cheviot Hills tennis center

Westwood Tennis Center - 9 mins drive from Douglas Park Santa Monica, CA 90403

traveling by car from Santa Monica Dog Douglas Park to Westwood tennis center

Palisades Tennis Center - 7 mins drive from Santa Monica Stairs, CA 90402

traveling by car from Santa Monica Stairs to Palisades tennis center

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